Swee Generous


Traffic's been backed up
I've been thinking back like years (2)

I like to play battleships
In a bar of my choosing (4)

I wish my pictures rearrange themselves
I'd feel better about my work (that's so weird)

If you desire you're doomed to repeat
If you lift your skirt I'll notice (oh so well)

Your college scene was overrated
Your 20's went like they should (so fine and fair)

You're anxious now that's not healthy
I know a pill to fix you up (oh so well)

I think about the little things and the big thing
Unevenly (that's something I got to change)


I caught Winnie dreaming she got caught up in a white whale
I caught Winnie dreaming got caught up in a white whale

Mr. Mr. motion when'd you get your knee cap broke
Mr. Mr. Boston where'd you really come from
Mrs. Mrs. Russia you seem like the crazy but friendly type
Silent funny art girl where are you at
Silent funny art girl where are you at


La Quinta

She came home with a kindness
Door Ajar. Kindness Gone

Something there to strive for
It's never good. It's only bad

I chance you to meet you in a year
Looking good. Looking real good

And said said to the huh blubber what
Chicken brave. Real solid

Driving with your window open drinking with your eyes closed
You may get cold. You may get laid.

If thee do wed thine own kind
Mazel Tov. La Qunita (2)

She brought 62nd St kind of cred
And she had absolutely the best bed
Might be what you want to be
Perfect sound forever now (2)

Fought down, got a job, 42, looking for
8 overboard, theres more to save, forty lives, down the barrel
Sulken ghost, eight hours to go, and then you go home, and then you write home
Caught a glance, then I had a girlfriend, then I had a wife friend, then I had a life friend

You're different
It's proven
Your family
Your dollar
And livin
Like econs
That's not where
Your power
Is potent
Now go find
Your timed out
Of balanced
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
We grew up with you in backyards and basements
And fancy clubs and broken homes
Amongst all the spazzy riffs and all the kids

We do this at the top of our lungs when we wake up
and when we're too tired to sleep.
We do this in public but more oftenwhen we're alone.
Our self-imrovement plan is admittedly lo-fi but exceptionally personal.
We didn't plan it this way but like where it's going.
We're just like you.

Exe Exe

Shaky hands make for bad friends
and wrong lovers
That's why I didn't call

I been thinking real hard real hard
Right angles make for narrow hearts

Chemically speaking I don't believe I've gone too far
What we did to get by

No name is a character
Playing doctor
In his hotel room

Shower scenes can be difficult
Or even overly difficult
It seems

Being on time
Is a passion of mine
It's a passion I developed early in life

And looking back with an eye to the times
Is a passion of mine
It's a passion I developed late in life

In case you're wondering what I've been up to
Lately (3)

Smoke in Bars

I remember when you could smoke inside
Seems like a chance I should have taken seems like a place I should have gone
Hey it was pretty nice seeing you last weekend
Huh I had a lot of unexpected fun

Yes I can read minds
Never really tried
And the times I was alive
Now I have died (2)

Mercury retrograde
One night lays
I have nothing
Profound to say
So Ill say it

Grasshoppers & Ants

Hey You
Were pretty cool
We caught up at the show in the back of the room

Hey You
Were pretty right
When you said I haven't done it since Friday night

Get it straight beta, who's your reward
A voyeur voyager fancies the trouble

The kid wrote down all he could remember
The kid wrote down all he could remember
The kid wrote down all he could remember
The kid wrote down all he could remember


Married woman
Everybody wants it but nobody pays for it it's the tragedy of the commons

Keep em Informed

I like how you dress
Getting in your dress

I like how you talk
Can I borrow your mouth

Theres no sun where I'm from
Theres no crime when I'm dying
Theres no thanks in this place
But it on truth let it ride


I might be over
I might be out of my mind
Jesus and tattoos
No sex until you're married
And don't talk
Please don't talk
Lets make this thing
Last for awhile

I've got to go and do this thing
And break up with myself
For the second time
Thought we had this thing figured out last night
Then I changed my mind
I may appear busy or smart or busy
For a while (oh fuck it nevermind)
It's high time I broke up with myself
And left my past behind

Looking up a wishing well
Calling out
Favorites Favorites (4)
Favorites Favorites (3)

Sexx Douglas

Cutting down the trees and making time for 44's
Love is in the air and barking never got you much
Holding up a blue, blue, blue whats it called
Caught up with a tree the fucker got me right up high

What itch
Everybody what itch
What itch
Everybody what itch

But she's got the bluest dream
Put out first the toughest move
Hug a date you know its done
Back of mind fake the fun

Next to Silence

Next to silence
Music is the next best noise (2)

Where's your girlfriend
I got no girlfriend to do
Where's your bandmates
They're off setting peddles and q
Where's your songstress
Shes got something better to do
Next to silence music is the next best noise

(Repeat verse 3)

Next to silence
Music is the next best noise
How'd the show go
I thought we brought it pretty good
Clear your gear out
Watch the blue one its cigs
You off tomorrow
No I got deals to do
Next to silence
Music is the next best noise

Red Hot Chili Pavement

Got a love loss
In your drink drain

Caught a tree top
Where's your boyfriend

Got a bowl full
Of that sick sane

Eat your plate full
Is that your fat friend

Pull up to new town
Where is this new town
We in bad town
We in bad town

That's a bad break
That's a real bad break
That's in bad taste
That's your crack dream

Oh yea